for fundraise
Need a good model to launch your idea
the objects to achieve, the benefits of the model

Not sure on how much you will be spending on financial modeling for business or idea. Is this the right package to launch your first fundraising drive. These models below are some of the models you get with the whole package. The most important one is the KPI which is one page breakdown for you to make sense of the figures. Each model is designed to cover the needs of your business and serious amount is spend on the logic of the idea for the business to grow. 

revenue forecast

Outline the MRR- Bookings - Annual Projects - Expenses Estimate - Detail KPI - Marketing

Marketing strategy

Organic Sales - Sales Channel - Paid - Newsletter - Social & Blog

funding insight

Understanding the impact of all your fundraising  requirements. Get detail breakdown of how you can present this to investors.

Get The Right Tools for the Job

It's an established fact that fundraising is not an easy process. No one enjoys it. Financial Modeling is beyond most people. We put together package of all your need and required to fundraising. The most comprehensive fundraising package to help you succeed in the Post COVID fundraise from investors.  

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