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Modeling the future of Venture Capital through blockchain became a much-needed platform to compete. Waymaker started from having no investors and more clients, to having 3000 investors with very little clients. The founder Sanville Moses has researched and found that most start-ups and operating businesses that want to expand find it hard to secure investment.


We ventured into the market with one goal in mind to connect investors to investees. Building long-lasting relationships through our platform. The founder manages to build strong partnerships with other organizations to leverage them when needed for its international clients. Waymaker running for it 3rd year, this proofed that the platform is a much-needed engagement process into the future.

Waymaker has re-invent the brand, name and look. 2020 holds many opportunities for the firm. Moving into the 4th revolution industrial age, Waymaker has built a name for itself.


Company History


We started the company in late 2018, with raising capital from investors for businesses in South Africa. Tapping into the blockchain space was a distance idea. We partnered with a technology firm that supports our back end structure. This allowed us to expand our services to a global platform.


Re-invent Waymaker?

We had to invent a much more structure use of what we have achieved. Late 2019 we realize the potential of what we can offer and create our fund via blockchain. Blockchain has opened our eyes to the impossibilities of a digital cryptocurrency fund.



We regard ourselves as the “AFRICAN PIONEERS” in the 4th industrial revolution. Supporting entrepreneurs through our Capital Raising funding platform via blockchain. We also established our self as Section 12J VCC as Jaltech being our Administrator of the fund.

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