Capital Raising

Our key point is to engage with quality investors. Using our expertise and knowledge promote your project to our pool of investors. We align each investment with the investee’s objective in mind. Our deal flow platform makes it easy to screen each deal….click to read more

Business Advisory

We provide and support to SME that need to identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas. We offer range of business advisors services are available and every effort is made to match the right advisor to the specific needs of the applicant.

Are You an Investor?

We offer an alternative to growth via blockchain and section 12J VCC. Interested in investing in Waymaker Venture SA? We help you to diversify your portfolio and to take advantage of your tax returns. Set up a meeting with us.

Welcome to Waymaker Venture SA

Funding through blockchain made possible, disrupting Venture Capital with Blockchain Growth.

Who We Are

Waymaker started in 2018 in Raising Capital from investors for investees. We were very successful in doing so. Taping into the Blockchain space was just a distance idea. We soon partnered with a Technology company, they were the back end support for our blockchain deal flow platform. We had to invent a much more structure use of what we have achieved. Late 2019 we realize the potential of what we can offer and create our fund via blockchain. Blockchain has opened our eyes to the impossibilities of a digital cryptocurrency fund.

Our Vision

We visage to build Waymaker Fund as a mega crypto fund. This will allow us to invite individuals to become investors as well. Share the platform to generate wealth for building communities.


1st January 2020 we already had an intake of 18 applications for the platform. While we rebuilding our initial investment from investors within the blockchain ecosystem. We foresee significant growth in the fund and the application process. This will be constantly revisited as an ongoing engagement process.

Our Mission

We regard ourselves as the “AFRICAN PIONEERS” in the 4th industrial revolution. Supporting entrepreneurs through our crypto funding platform via blockchain.

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Our Team

Sanville Moses

Sanville Moses was the portfolio manager of a PE firm by building his portfolio by connecting with investors. Co-Founder of Relai, this allowed him to catapult into the industry of blockchain.

Dr Mark Schooney

Dr. Schooney brings 15 Years plus Banking Experience with good sales performance to Waymaker. He offers his expert input and advice. Dr. Schooney building sales engagement with new clients.

Rita Williams MBA

Finance Advisor

Rita has 15 years of work experience, nine years of laboratory work experience, where I worked in various positions in the scientific and industrial laboratories.


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